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This are collection plants with new photos not older than one month. Click on the record to see all pictures, including older ones (English only).

420 Tillandsia funckiana var. cinerea Venezuela

3 pictures
3019 Tillandsia funckiana var. cinerea
(photo date: 2023-11-10)
661 Tillandsia ixioides Argentina, Salinas, 1200 m. Coll. C.S. Gouda feb.-mrt.-2001

4 pictures
3026 Tillandsia ixioides
(photo date: 2023-11-22)
794 Tillandsia cf. leonamiana Brazil

3 pictures
3030 Tillandsia cf. leonamiana
(photo date: 2023-12-08)
1026 Tillandsia zecheri Argentina, Brealito Coll. Jeroen van der Steen 2004

4 pictures
3022 Tillandsia zecheri
(photo date: 2023-11-20)

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